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How do I find tenant for rental property ?
We provide this service through EsKay Realty (affiliated with broker GRE,Inc) , utilizing variety of resources and customized reports suited to owners' needs. We will list your property in MLS system for quick lease turnaround and also they'll put up their lease sign on your property and do all-out marketing for quick lease. We are well equipped to attend all queries from potential tenants on 24/7 basis.

Do I have to sign any Contract for Property Management ?
Yes, you need to sign a simple PM contract with us to protect your interest. Click to view the contract verbose.

Can I get some reference of your clients ?
Sure , many references can be available on request. Click to read what our Clients are saying about us.

What do I screen & qualify tenant?
We'll help you in screening & qualifying the potential tenants based on the various reports & information like, Credit & Risk Scores, Previous Landlord's reference, Employment & Income verifications, Criminal records, previous Eviction & Bankruptcy History. We'll provide all possible data upfront for you to take an informed decision.

How do I figure out right asking price ?
We will do comprehensive study of all active & leased rental information available from MLS for similar properties in the same subdivision/school area. We'll guide you through the process to arrive at a reasonable asking rental price from our extensive knowledge and experience with the current market situations for a quick leasing to maximize your rental income.

How long it takes to find tenant ?

There are several factors. Location, Price, Property Upkeep, Competitions & Time - all play major roles together. Though it's difficult to mention a specific timeframe for you, but we have seen from our experience that the properties managed & maintained well, priced right in a good neighborhood moves pretty fast.

How can I do make-ready jobs after move-out ?

You need not worry about repairs or make-ready services. We'll handle all such requests and coordinate repairs on your behalf. We also provide full-fledged one-Stop repair services for any major or minor repairs and all kinds of make-ready tasks for renting, pre-Sale, or post-buy. Our repair services are most cost effective and best in value for a property owner. We review the house conditions frequently and recommend to owner for the minimal repair activities those are required at a minimum to maintain your investment value and long-term equity in the property. Our repair costs are guaranteed the lowest & best quality in the DFW metroplex.

What types of repair works can you do for me ?

We do anything and everything in residential properties. Name it and we do it. We make it completely worry-free & hassle-free for the owners at a optimal repair cost.

How cost-effective are your make-ready repairs ?
All our services are of best quality at an affordable cost that you'll be surprised at. You will get best quality work at the best possible price - Guaranteed. We also guide owners on how they can retain investment values with minimum repair expenditures in their properties.

How are maintenance or emergency calls handled ?

Homeowners are advised to take a Residential Contract with AHS or any other warranty company like that. When tenant will e-mail, fax or call us with maintenance request, we'll open a service ticket with the Residential warranty company if owner has one, otherwise we'll coordinate to get the best quote for the requested repair for you. If the repair cost is more than some predefined limit, we'll seek owner's approval before getting the job done.

Can I get help for HOA violations by tenant ?

Our regular neighborhood drive-by & scheduled property visits will bring HOA violations into our notice in advance and we'll work with tenant to mitigate those. If HOA issues any violation letter, we'll handle it with the HOA & tenant. You don't have to worry about it at all.

How frequently do you check on my property ?

We do make scheduled visits for comprehensive whole property (internal & external) inspection on quarterly or annual basis depending on what service package you chose. However, we also drive by every property once in every 1-3 months for exterior survey. If something odd is noticed, we'll immediately schedule a detailed property check and will bring to your attention in advance.

Will you help in move-in or move-out ?

Yes, we do provide move-in walk-through services to the new tenant and also we do move-out inventory formalities with the outgoing tenants. We take move-out inventory inspection very seriously and we complete all the paperwork with tenant's signature with all the conditions noted in there and it helps owners to decide how much will be tenant's liability. We also provide free consultation on how much owners can deduct from tenant's security deposit for the reasonable repairs those tenant is responsible for.

How long do we sign an agreement for ?
We suggest for 1 year lease at a minimum, as per industry standards. But again , we suggest you to be flexible to act on specific situation of a potential tenant.

Can you arrange to pay all bills for my investment property ?

Yes, we can arrange to pay mortgages, insurance, HOA fees, utilities , property taxes and any other bills that you may need to pay as owner for the property. Also we can help on property insurance through our partner Insurance agencies at an attractive rate. Click to send us E-mail with your requirements.

What does all of it cost ?

We have several packages for property management services. You can choose one that's right for you. Our service fees vary on what levels of services you choose. We are very competitive and we assure you that you'll get best quality dependable service. Click to review fees schedule for various PM packages.

Can I get help to buy or sell property ?

Yes, we are 1-Stop Real Estate Company. We do help Buy, Sell Residential, Investment & Commercial Properties. Visit Our Real Estate Services Web Page.

Will you help in Eviction if needed ?

Yes, we'll serve the pre-eviction "Final notice" to the tenants as per Texas property code on your behalf. We'll also guide you through the entire legal procedure and to make it further simple, we'll can help engage eviction Law agency if required.

How do you help getting Rent in time ?

We have a auto-reminder system that calls and emails tenants to remind when the rent is due. Many tenant just forgets to pay rents. The auto reminders work very well for them. Also we continuously follow-up with tenants if they fail to pay by due date. On third day after due date, we deliver a "Lease Contract Violation" notice to the tenant. If it doesn't work, then we suggest to initiate eviction process. If needed, our company can work in collaboration with you & a real estate attorney.

Can I get help on commercial investment property ?
Yes, we are 1-Stop Real Estate Company. We do help Buy, Sell Residential, Investment & Commercial Properties. Visit Our Real Estate Services Web Page.

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