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What is Property Management ?

Property Management is to preserve and protect your real estate investment, to secure and sustain maximum net ROI (return on investment) at a minimal maintenance cost. The property management is also to maintain relationships between tenants & owners management, & to help grow values & equities in invested property through skillful management, continuous assessments, and required improvements.

With day-to-day busy schedules, it's neither possible for landlords to catch up with all the Texas residential leasing codes, nor to spend time & energy to build relationships & manage communications with tenants, taking all the pains to market the property to lease faster. Good property management is , above all, to keep values & equities in rental properties on long term by taking a good care of it with the minimum expenditure. There are several hassles that Landlord has to go though if tenant screening is not done efficiently. In addition to that, if you are away from your property , how can you make sure that your property is being well taken care of by the tenants ?

Property management is a big responsibility & a time-consuming full-time job in real estate investment business. It's all about efficiently handling tenant relations & timely communications, following up emergency repair requests, coordinating written lease agreements , meeting all legal requirements, thoroughly screening and qualifying perspective tenants, evaluating properties periodically to get best rental value through market surveys, reviewing physical condition of property time-to-time and developing maintenance programs, collecting rents and managing security deposits, disbursing rental expenses, preparing lease paperworks & accounting statements for tax purposes, negotiating & resolving delinquent tenant accounts, executing evictions, coordinating & interfacing maintenance problems with tenant and managing repair vendors. It's huge work that has lots of legal liabilities at every stage. Think twice before you decide to be stressed-out by trying all these out on your own.

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